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Well-seasoned perspective

I can’t deny that currently I’m pretty bored by those “middle ground” guys who purportedly want to reconcile the two “sides” of the climate debate, yet who really have little more in mind than seizing a new ground to stand … Continue reading

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Funding solutions outside the climate box

Over the past years, some thoughtful pieces have been written on managing the climate crisis that call for thinking outside the climate box. We should leave too narrow climate-as-an-environmental-problem-thinking behind and accept that climate change is as much an environmental … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

It ain’t that difficult, I’ll admit. Originally from NASA, via Micael Tobis via Dennis Dimick

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It’s a Disaster

A new paper titled “Normalizing economic loss from natural disasters: A global analysis” by Neumayer and Barthel (NM2010) in the top journal Global Environmental Change introduces a new method to normalize disaster-related economic losses over time. In the past there … Continue reading

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Governing innovation

In an article posted at Die Klimazwiebel, Eduardo Zorita asks where environmental and energy innovation ought to come from. One question he has in mind is whether governments may successfully induce innovation. He is doubtful, though: In my personal experience, … Continue reading

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Today at a PhD summer school here in Berlin, I held a presentation on a potential paper I already spent some time thinking about. The working title is “Public participation in environmental assessments: The case for an open IPCC”. I … Continue reading

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Encasing a temperature target

The two degrees temperature target, favoured by the European Union and the G8, and mentioned in the Copenhagen Accord, has quite an interesting history. It can be understood in rather different ways (PDF), ranging from a threshold beyond which catastrophe … Continue reading

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